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One should know the main difference in gaining experience between software developers working for consulting projects versus working in software product development!

1. Feel proud to be part of product development company: Software consulting companies develop code for other clients for a fee and the management staff of consulting companies tend to focus more on managing the staff rather than technology, whereas the product development company engineers and management tend to be more tech-savvy.

2. Bug-free product development: Product development requires the developer to ensure that the product runs on 24x7 in the cloud with bug-free and code is developed with tighter control over with no gaps and holes. Whereas the consulting companies tend to have large maintenance contracts and tend to have less tight code developed.

3. More knowledge: In a way, the development knowledge gained with 2 years of experience in XMLFrameworks in the product development team will be much more knowledge than 5 years of experience gained software consulting projects.

4. Job Satisfaction: Working in product development teams brings more job satisfaction than working in consulting projects.

5.Stable Careers: The product developer jobs are much more stable than consulting jobs. At the end of every consulting, it is almost like after every consulting job, one is looking to get absorbed into another consulting project. With so many programmers available, there tends to be competition to get absorbed into the consulting project to keep the job.

6.Full Stack Experience: Product development engineers gain full-stack development experience, whereas in the consulting projects, as companies get more billing if the project gets divided among as many programmers as possible, and for programmers, it is very difficult to gain knowledge of entire module or application.

7. Difficult to get into product development positions: Typical US companies with software products tend to keep product development for internal teams of engineers with in the United States and very rarely they give product development related projects to large consulting companies in India. Large consulting companies tend to absorb engineers from top engineering colleges and IITs to be part of product development teams. Here at XMLFrameworks, we review the background of the programmer with different perspectives and tend to offer jobs to programmers who can be trained and groomed to become part of our team for long term growth of the programmers and XMLFrameworks and DealTimer.

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